Custom Evaluation Process

Asad Ali

EvaluationIf you ask a customs official about his primary task, the most common answer would be "We collect revenue". Correct as this may be, in a certain manner, few questions remain unanswered. How effective is Customs in accomplishing this primary task? Is the paradigm of revenue collection as the primary task correct? Is the procedural mechanism for revenue collection, essentially sound?
To drive our point home let us consider a few seemingly unrelated examples.
Space Shuttle and the Horse's Ass:
When we see a Space Shuttle sitting on the launch pad, there are two big booster rockets attached to the sides of the main fuel tank.
These are the solid rocket boosters, or SRBs. The SRBs are made by Thiokol at a factory in Utah. The engineers who designed the SRBs might have preferred to make them a bit fatter, but the SRBs had to

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The Devaluation Saga - Rupee vs Dollar

Manzar Abbas

Devaluation SagaPakistan - a land full of opportunities and potential. There was a time when Pakistan's economy was a model for the developing countries. Our economic model was adopted by the developing countries of the yesteryear, which now can be bracketed in the developed countries. As a case in point, Malaysia adopted our 5 year economic plan in the 60's, and implemented it successfully. We on the other hand, did not even implement one economic plan successfully. In the last couple of decades the economic wars have replaced the traditional wars fought between the countries. Currently, a country has superiority globally if its economy is based on sound footings and has stronger currency like the US $, Euro € etc. The main objective of a planned devaluation strategy for local currency is to make the goods of a country cheaper in the export market. The international b

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From Layllpur to Faisalabad and Back

Zunera Rais

LayllpurThe Manchester of Pakistan is suffering; the stakes are much higher and if the current situation is not curbed, the consequences will be massive. While in 2009, the Faisalabad Dry Port (FDP) was registering an export of 80-86 containers per day, the numbers have reduced to 40-42 containers in the past year. The textile industry was looking forward to cross the export target of US$ 10.62 billion, which it had achieved in the year 2007-2008. Provided an uninterrupted supply of power, the industries of Faisalabad alone could have given more in terms of foreign exchange then the Kerry Lugar Act is planning to disburse over a period of five years.

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Siddique Humayun

corruptionThe root word of corruption is the Latin; corruptus, meaning “utterly broken”. Corruption is vast in scope and definition. However, simply put, it is the abuse of power, acts of omission and commission, bribery, nepotism, cronyism, fraud, and any form of action that puts either capital or office and / any favor in ineligible and undeserved hands. It is something that is prevalent in almost every society of the world in one form or the other. The vice of corruption is not only abhorred by every society in principal, but forbidden in the religion of Islam too.

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Destination Pakistan - The Tourism Potential

Faizan Usmani

TourismEach industry, belonging to services or manufacturing se, offers various earning and employment opportunities to the people living around these industrial and manufacturing units. Tourism, awarded the premium status of being a separate industry itself in this modern age, is one of the most untapped and intact commercial ventures of the Third World which could offer unimaginable blessings and monetary returns to the millions of poverty-stricken masses scattered in every nook and corner of this region.

Tourism of any country is widely interrelated with its law and order situation as well as the transportation and accommodation arrangements offered by the country. Here in Pakistan, we are experiencing a depleting order situation in all urban and rural areas while transport arrangements and management are totally missing from the picture.

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E-Commerce A Layman Guide to Click and Mortar

Babar A. Pirzada

EEcommercextending current business to internet or starting up a new e-commerce business while being based in Pakistan is not as difficult as it seems. Its cheaper, has low operational cost, broader market reach and has higher profit margins with virtually unlimited business volume.
The strategic advantages are lot more than being based in US or Europe. Starting up with location, as Pakistan is located in South-East Asia the logistic cost to reach Europe, Middle East, Central Asian countries, Far East, Africa and Australia is competitively lower. Interestingly, more than world's 55% population lives in the neighboring countries i.e. Pakistan itself, China, India, Bangladesh

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Abdullah Naeem

draperyuring the Wat Tyler's Rebellion of 1381, a monk, a lawyer and a physicist were sentenced to the guillotine. The monk told his executioners that he had spent his life in the service of God and begged for mercy on that account. However, the executioners had to do what they were told to; up went the blade, but as soon as the blade was released, it stopped in the middle.
 “Dieu a parlé! Le moine doit vivre!”
 The monk could not possibly get up before offering his gratitude to his stars like never before.
The lawyer was queued next. He, too, implored the executioner, reminding him of his earnest attempt to absolve the miscarriages and travesties of justice, but in vain did the executioner pay heed. The rope was pulled down; up went the blade and was released in a swish but – clank! – got stuck in the middle as before.

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EDGE-A Stepping Stone towards 3G Technologies in Pakistan


IEDGEt is widely expected that wireless data technology will be the next big thing. Pundits anticipate 100-200 % per annum growth in mobile communication and agree that wireless data services will be the key element of the organizations of the future. The enormous success of short messaging (SMS) in many countries proves that people appreciate the benefits of non-voice services.
Another excessive usage of feature like short messaging countries proves that people acknowledge the benefits of non-voice services as well. Enhanced Data Rate for Global Evolution (EDGE) is a technology that adds up the facility and capability to handle services for the third generation of mobile telephony in Global Systems for Mobile Communications (GSM). In simpler terms, the technology..

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April cover

Indigenous Coal Emerging as Solid Energy Base

Khalid Pervaiz

coalCoal is an organo–clastic sedimentary rock, essentially composed of lithified plant debris. The properties of coal depend on the nature of original organic components including form of vegetation and degree of degradation or decay to burial and the inorganic constituents (mineral matter incorporated in it. The effects of pressure, temperature with time is highly significant in determining the coal type or rank. Energy contained in coal can be expressed in coal equivalent where one tonne coal equivalent represents the heat energy contained in one tonne of coal with a specific energy of 29.30 Mt Kg.’ (a calorific value of 12,600 Btu/lb.’ Or 7000 K cal/kg).

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Technology Review-3D Possible Implications in Pakistani Business Sector

Babar A. Pirzada

3D has been in the market for more than two decades but the technology still remained raw. Gradually it has evolved into a professional, commercially available and growing technology. There are many alternates and options available if you want to go 3D.
Following are the Technologies available in the market for development and use:
With Lenses:
Anaglyphic 3D (with passive red- cyan lenses: Early Technology)
Polarization 3D (with passive polarized lenses: Mid evolution)
Alternate-frame sequencing (with active shutter lenses: Recent and being used by few companies e.g. nVidia)

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Book Review - Manager Guide to Performance Reviews

Performance management is very important issue. In order to be successful, a company needs to have clear and transparent performance appraisal system. Performance Management- A brief case book is much more than just a guidebook to performance management. It guides as to how, to conduct goals-focused performance planning meetings, and then follow them up with performance appraisals based on unambiguous data. The crux of the book is to foster a true commitment to success within each employee instead of just compliance with rules they distrust and don't understand.

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Steak, Meecedes Microwave

Adnan Asif

So you feel like a hamster spinning your wheel? The faster you run, the faster the wheel spins. Just when you get a raise, you notice the price of hamster wheels jumps! Of course that is provided you get a raise. With the way things are going on in the present circumstances, it wont be long before we'll be out in the streets like Egypt or Libya.
Meanwhile, on the lighter side of things (although as times are progressing, I'm finding it more and more difficult to get in touch with the lighter side of things) here are some super-charged budget-cutting frugal living tips.
One of the biggest wastes of money is restaurant meals. You can cook a meal at home for about 50 Rs a plate. Just put leftovers in the microwave, and Presto!
Those same leftovers cost a lot more at a restaurant. They call it "the buffet", and they sell it to you for 1000 Rs/head.

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