Dear Readers,
The Evaluation of goods has always been a thorn in the neck of importers. The process has been a cause of much debate and there have been various rules defined to streamline the procedure. An impartial and fair valuation system is necessary for smooth flow of goods. Considering Pakistan is a signatory to the WTO agreement on valuation of goods based on transactional value, but somehow the agreement has not been enforced in letter and spirit.
As the transaction value system promotes impartiality, it has always been highly recommended that it is implemented, simply because a transparent mechanism is a hindrance in the flow of kickbacks and commissions. To understand the riddle, we have covered the customs valuation process in detail.
Somehow, the more we delve into the problems the industry is facing, the more we are spun into the web of numerous other problems which are rising because of it. It seems like an unending tunnel sometimes yet we have a belief that the light is not far away. This belief is fueled by the traders that we come across who refuse to give up, even while facing the worst circumstances and provide an example to many others around them, thus starting a chain reaction.
We have included the saga of devaluation of the rupee against the mighty dollar and the effects it has on the economy as whole, get ready to be surprised and start building your dollar stash . In addition to this, we have covered the tourism potential of Pakistan in Destination Pakistan. The article looks at the crumbling state of the tourism industry of Pakistan and the underlying factors hindering its growth.
Similarly, from Lyallpur to Faisalabad and Back covers the issues of the textile industry of Faisalabad. The closure of textile units of Faisalabad is constantly on the rise due to lack of electricity and natural gas. The production of the textile units has reached an all time low and many industries have stopped production. It has become difficult to deliver orders in time and many international buyers are turning to other countries.
I hope, as always, you will appreciate our efforts and keep posting us with your valuable comments and thoughts.

Abdul Qadir