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Letters To The Editor

Your efforts to highlight the mining sector are indeed worth appreciating.  It would be great, if you would also cover the Kalabagh iron refinery project. A steel mill was to be set up at Kalabagh.  Kalabagh has the largest reserves of iron ore in Pakistan. This proposed Steel Mill at Kalabagh should be given priority because it will not only provide job opportunities, but steel production within the country will also increase. The best thing about this project is its reliance on the local iron ore deposits. It allows this proposed Steel Mill to produce steel at cheaper rate than presently being produced by PSM due to its imported and expensive iron ore.

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Dear Readers,
The Evaluation of goods has always been a thorn in the neck of importers. The process has been a cause of much debate and there have been various rules defined to streamline the procedure. An impartial and fair valuation system is necessary for smooth flow of goods. Considering Pakistan is a signatory to the WTO agreement on valuation of goods based on transactional value, but somehow the agreement has not been enforced in letter and spirit.
As the transaction value system promotes impartiality, it has always been highly recommended that it is implemented, simply because a transparent mechanism is a hindrance in the flow of kickbacks and commissions. To understand the riddle, we have covered the customs valuation process in detail.

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Book Review - Manager Guide to Performance Reviews

Performance management is very important issue. In order to be successful, a company needs to have clear and transparent performance appraisal system. Performance Management- A brief case book is much more than just a guidebook to performance management. It guides as to how, to conduct goals-focused performance planning meetings, and then follow them up with performance appraisals based on unambiguous data. The crux of the book is to foster a true commitment to success within each employee instead of just compliance with rules they distrust and don't understand.
The writer opinions to establish programs for managers and employees to work together and build upon existing positive performance. You can achieve performance levels once thought unattainable but only when managers and workers establish clear lines of communication, and understand how their jobs contribute to both their own goals and the goals of the organization. Performance Management provides a meaningful tool for stimulating workplace cooperation to benefit the employee, the manager, and the organization itself.
The book is written specifically for today's busy manager, feature eye-catching icons, checklists, and sidebars to guide managers step-by-step through everyday workplace situations. The  innovative design features to help you navigate through each page are.
* Clear, concise definitions of important terms
* Tips and tactics to help
* Employees improve their performance
* Strategies to minimize performance management problems
* Practical advice to minimize your possibility of mistakes
* Red flags for common yet avoidable performance obstacles
* Examples of effective performance management in action
* Procedures that make it easier to establish your performance management plan