84.01 Nuclear reactors; fuel elements(cartridges), non- irradiated, for nuclearreactors; machinery and apparatus forisotopic separation.
84.02 Steam or other vapour generatingboilers (other than central heating hotwater boilers capable also of producinglow pressure steam); super- heatedwater boilers.
84.03 Central heating boilers other than thoseof heading 84.02.
84.04 Auxiliary plant for use with boilers ofheading 84.02 or 84.03 (for example,economisers, super- heaters, sootremovers, gas recoverers); condensersfor steam or other vapour power units.
84.05 Producer gas or water gas generators,with or without their purifiers; acetylenegas generators and similar waterprocess gas generators, with or withouttheir purifiers.
84.06 Steam turbines and other vapourturbines.
84.07 Spark- ignition reciprocating or rotaryinternal combustion piston engines.
84.08 Compression- ignition internal combustion piston engines (diesel orsemi- diesel engines).
84.09 Parts suitable for use solely or principally with the engines of heading 84.07 or 84.08.
84.10 Hydraulic turbines, water wheels, andregulators therefor.
84.11 Turbo- jets, turbo- propellers and othergas turbines.
84.12 Other engines and motors.
84.13 Pumps for liquids, whether or not fittedwith a measuring device; liquidelevators.
84.14 Air or vacuum pumps, air or other gascompressors and fans; ventilating orrecycling hoods incorporating a fan,whether or not fitted with filters.
84.15 Air conditioning machines, comprising amotor- driven fan and elements forchanging the temperature and humidity,including those machines in which thehumidity cannot be separatelyregulated.
84.16 Furnace burners for liquid fuel, forpulverised solid fuel or for gas;mechanical stokers, including theirmechanical grates, mechanical ashdischargers and similar appliances.
84.17 Industrial or laboratory furnaces andovens, including incinerators, non electric.
84.18 Refrigerators, freezers and otherrefrigerating or freezing equipment,electric or other; heat pumps other thanair conditioning machines of heading84.15.
84.19 Machinery, plant or laboratoryequipment, whether or not electricallyheated (excluding furnaces, ovens andother equipment of heading 85.14), forthe treatment of materials by a processinvolving a change of temperature suchas heating, cooking, roasting, dist
84.20 Calendering or other rolling machines,other than for metals or glass, andcylinders therefor.
84.21 Centrifuges, including centrifugaldryers; filtering or purifying machineryand apparatus, for liquids or gases.
84.22 Dish washing machines; machinery forcleaning or drying bottles or othercontainers; machinery for filling,closing, sealing or labelling bottles,cans, boxes, bags or other containers;machinery for capsuling bottles, jars,tubes and similar containers; otherp
84.23 Weighing machinery (excludingbalances of a sensitivity of 5 cg orbetter), including weight operatedcounting or checking machines;weighing machine weights of all kinds.
84.24 Mechanical appliances (whether or nothand- operated) for projecting,dispersing or spraying liquids orpowders; fire extinguishers, whether ornot charged; spray guns and similarappliances; steam or sand blastingmachines and similar jet projectingmachines.
84.25 Pulley tackle and hoists other than skiphoists; winches and capstans; jacks.
84.26 Ships' derricks; cranes, including cablecranes; mobile lifting frames, straddlecarriers and works trucks fitted with acrane.
84.27 Fork- lift trucks; other works trucksfitted with lifting or handling equipment.
84.28 Other lifting, handling, loading orunloading machinery (for example, lifts,escalators, conveyors, teleferics).
84.29 Self- propelled bulldozers, angledozers,graders, levellers, scrapers, mechanicalshovels, excavators, shovel loaders,tamping machines and road rollers.
84.30 Other moving, grading, levelling,scraping, excavating, tamping,compacting, extracting or boringmachinery, for earth, minerals or ores;pile- drivers and pile- extractors; snow ploughs and snow- blowers.
84.31 Parts suitable for use solely orprincipally with the machinery ofheadings 84.25 to 84.30.
84.32 Agricultural, horticultural or forestrymachinery for soil preparation orcultivation; lawn or sports- groundrollers.
84.33 Harvesting or threshing machinery,including straw or fodder balers; grassor hay mowers; machines for cleaning,sorting or grading eggs, fruit or otheragricultural produce, other thanmachinery of heading 84.37.
84.34 Milking machines and dairy machinery.
84.35 Presses, crushers and similarmachinery used in the manufacture ofwine, cider, fruit juices or similarbeverages.
84.36 Other agricultural, horticultural, forestry,poultry- keeping or bee- keepingmachinery, including germination plantfitted with mechanical or thermalequipment; poultry incubators andbrooders.
84.37 Machines for cleaning, sorting orgrading seed, grain or dried leguminousvegetables; machinery used in themilling industry or for the working ofcereals or dried leguminous vegetables,other than farm- type machinery.
84.38 Machinery, not specified or includedelsewhere in this Chapter, for theindustrial preparation or manufacture offood or drink, other than machinery forthe extraction or preparation of animalor fixed vegetable fats or oils.
84.39 Machinery for making pulp of fibrouscellulosic material or for making orfinishing paper or paperboard.
84.40 Book- binding machinery, includingbook- sewing machines.
84.41 Other machinery for making up paperpulp, paper or paperboard, includingcutting machines of all kinds.
84.42 Machinery, apparatus and equipment(other than the machine- tools ofheadings 84.56 to 84.65), for preparingor making plates, cylinders or otherprinting components; plates, cylindersand other printing components; plates,cylinders and lithographic stones,pre
84.43 Printing machinery used for printing bymeans of plates, cylinders and otherprinting components of heading 84.42;other printers, copying machines andfacsimile machines, whether or notcombined; parts and accessoriesthereof.
8444.0000 Machines for extruding, drawing,texturing or cutting man- made textilematerials.
84.45 Machines for preparing textile fibres;spinning, doubling or twisting machinesand other machinery for producingtextile yarns; textile reeling or winding(including weft- winding) machines andmachines for preparing textile yarns foruse on the machines of hea
84.46 Weaving machines (looms).
84.47 Knitting machines, stitch- bondingmachines and machines for makinggimped yarn, tulle, lace, embroidery,trimmings, braid or net and machinesfor tufting.
84.48 Auxiliary machinery for use withmachines of heading 84.44, 84.45, 84.46or 84.47 (for example, dobbies,Jacquards, automatic stop motions,shuttle changing mechanisms); partsand accessories suitable for use solelyor principally with the machines of thisheadi
8449.0000 Machinery for the manufacture orfinishing of felt or nonwovens in thepiece or in shapes, including machineryfor making felt hats; blocks for makinghats.
84.50 Household or laundry- type washingmachines, including machines whichboth wash and dry.
84.51 Machinery (other than machines ofheading 84.50) for washing, cleaning,wringing, drying, ironing, pressing(including fusing presses), bleaching,dyeing, dressing, finishing, coating orimpregnating textile yarns, fabrics ormade up textile articles and machin
84.52 Sewing machines, other than book sewing machines of heading 84.40;Furniture, bases and covers speciallydesigned for sewing machines; sewingmachine needles.
84.53 Machinery for preparing, tanning orworking hides, skins or leather or formaking or repairing footwear or otherarticles of hides, skins or leather, otherthan sewing machines.
84.54 Converters, ladles, ingot moulds andcasting machines, of a kind used inmetallurgy or in metal foundries.
84.55 Metal- rolling mills and rolls therefor.
84.56 Machine- tools for working any materialby removal of material, by laser or otherlight or photon beam, ultrasonic,electro- discharge, electro- chemical,electron beam, ionic- beam or plasmaarc processes; water- jet cuttingmachines.
84.57 Machining centres, unit constructionmachines (single station) and multi station transfer machines, for workingmetal.
84.58 Lathes (including turning centres) forremoving metal.
84.59 Machine- tools (including way- type unithead machines) for drilling, boring,milling, threading or tapping byremoving metal, other than lathes(including turning centres) of heading84.58.
84.60 Machine- tools for deburring,sharpening, grinding, honing, lapping,polishing or otherwise finishing metal orcermets by means of grinding stones,abrasives or polishing products, otherthan gear cutting, gear grinding or gearfinishing machines of heading 84.
84.61 Machine- tools for planing, shaping,slotting, broaching, gear cutting, geargrinding or gear finishing, sawing,cutting- off and other machine- toolsworking by removing metal or cermets,not elsewhere specified or included.
84.62 Machine- tools (including presses) forworking metal by forging, hammering ordie- stamping; machine- tools (includingpresses) for working metal by bending,folding, straightening, flattening,shearing, punching or notching;presses for working metal or metalc
84.63 Other machine- tools for working metalor cermets, without removing material.
84.64 Machine- tools for working stone,ceramics, concrete, asbestos- cement orlike mineral materials or for coldworking glass.
84.65 Machine- tools (including machines fornailing, stapling, glueing or otherwiseassembling) for working wood, cork,bone, hard rubber, hard plastics orsimilar hard materials.
84.66 Parts and accessories suitable for usesolely or principally with the machinesof headings 84.56 to 84.65, includingwork or tool holders, self- openingdieheads, dividing heads and otherspecial attachments for machine- tools;tool holders for any type of tool
84.67 Tools for working in the hand,pneumatic, hydraulic or with self contained electric or non- electricmotor.
84.68 Machinery and apparatus for soldering,brazing or welding, whether or notcapable of cutting, other than those ofheading 85.15; gas- operated surfacetempering machines and appliances.
8469.0000 Typewriters other than printers ofheading 84.43; word- processingmachines.
84.70 Calculating machines and pocket- sizedata recording, reproducing anddisplaying machines with calculatingfunctions; accounting machines,postage- franking machines, ticket issuing machines and similar machines,incorporating a calculating device; cashregiste
84.71 Automatic data processing machinesand units thereof; magnetic or opticalreaders, machines for transcribing dataonto data media in coded form andmachines for processing such data, notelsewhere specified or included.
84.72 Other office machines (for example,hectograph or stencil duplicatingmachines, addressing machines,automatic banknote dispensers, coin sorting machines, coin- counting orwrapping machines, pencil- sharpeningmachines, perforating or staplingmachines).
84.73 Parts and accessories (other thancovers, carrying cases and the like)suitable for use solely or principally withmachines of headings 84.69 to 84.72.
84.74 Machinery for sorting, screening,separating, washing, crushing, grinding,mixing or kneading earth, stone, ores orother mineral substances, in solid(including powder or paste) form;machinery for agglomerating, shapingor moulding solid mineral fuels, cerami
84.75 Machines for assembling electric orelectronic lamps, tubes or valves orflashbulbs, in glass envelopes;machines for manufacturing or hotworking glass or glassware.
84.76 Automatic goods- vending machines(for example, postage stamp, cigarette,food or beverage machines), includingmoney- changing machines.
84.77 Machinery for working rubber orplastics or for the manufacture ofproducts from these materials, notspecified or included elsewhere in thisChapter.
84.78 Machinery for preparing or making uptobacco, not specified or includedelsewhere in this Chapter.
84.79 Machines and mechanical applianceshaving individual functions, notspecified or included elsewhere in thisChapter.
84.80 Moulding boxes for metal foundry;mould bases; moulding patterns;moulds for metal (other than ingotmoulds), metal carbides, glass, mineralmaterials, rubber or plastics.
84.81 Taps, cocks, valves and similarappliances for pipes, boiler shells,tanks, vats or the like, includingpressure- reducing valves andthermostatically controlled valves.
84.82 Ball or roller bearings.
84.83 Transmission shafts (including camshafts and crank shafts) and cranks; bearing housings and plain shaft bearings; gears and gearing; ball orroller screws; gear boxes and other speed changers, including torque converters; flywheels and pulleys,including pu
84.84 Gaskets and similar joints of metalsheeting combined with other materialor of two or more layers of metal; setsor assortments of gaskets and similarjoints, dissimilar in composition, put upin pouches, envelopes or similarpackings; mechanical seals.
84.86 Machines and apparatus of a kind usedsolely or principally for the manufactureof semiconductor boules or wafers,semiconductor devices, electronicintegrated circuits or flat panel displays;machines and apparatus specified inNote 9 (c) to this Chapter; part
84.87 Machinery parts, not containingelectrical connectors, insulators, coils,contacts or other electrical features, notspecified or included elsewhere in thisChapter.
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