Public Relation Services


UT takes a unique look towards public relations in the business/trade sector. We take a 360-degree view of your business to build powerful and distinct communications programs that resonate with the stakeholders who are critical to your success. Our reputation for performance is built on our unique ability to gain an unbiased view of your entire communications landscape – from your opportunities and options to your risks and priorities.

Every client has a unique set of issues and objectives. At UTrade, we combine the best talent, expertise and resources in the business to produce an inspiring alchemy of minds and perspectives that deliver the exceptional results your business requires and your success demands.

Our public relations services will capably and efficiently meet all of your PR needs, including:

Publishing: UT is the proud sponsor of the UTrade magazine, Pakistan’s first comprehensive trade magazine. With an online readership above 100,000 and a hard copy distribution greater than any business magazine in Pakistan, UTrade listens to your problems, your voice and makes sure it is heard by those who matter.

Media Relations: We'll raise your company's visibility long-term by targeting all of the media and analysts that are central to getting your story told, and we'll intrigue reporters by pitching fresh angles, unique story ideas and interesting interview opportunities instead of regurgitating the same old boring press releases.

Investor Relations: We'll work with you to ensure that communications between your company, stakeholders, employees and sell and buy side analysts are clear, strategically correct, and compliant with all relevant industry standards and regulations.

M&A Communications: We'll help you communicate the benefits and vision of a merger or acquisition to your employees, investors and clients. We'll assist you in keeping all stakeholders informed and enthusiastic through conference calls, emails, success stories, stakeholder-focused web sites, town hall meetings, media outreach and/or other communications venues. And we'll monitor reactions and move swiftly to reinforce the positive and counteract any problematic responses.

Public Affairs: When you need to deliver a message to elected and regulatory officials on the Federal, State or local level, we'll help you communicate your concerns in a personal, relevant and authentic way that's most likely to achieve your businesses public policy and business objectives.

Crisis Communications: We'll help you defend your reputation and protect your business with the right strategies, tools and insights to confront challenges, manage the attendant media pressure, correct misconceptions or outright smear campaigns online, communicate with key stakeholders and win in the court of public opinion. From rapid response to risk mapping, managing digital dramas to handling product recalls, community relations and media training, we'll stand with you during the most difficult times.

Research and Surveys: UT can put together briefings and in-depth research that reveals a company's real position in the market, the public and competitors perception of a brand/products/services, and pinpoint the opportunities and challenges a company will face moving forward. With the help of our online survey tools and our extensive reach to businesses and general public, we also provide competitive edge research that helps companies launch or reposition products and services successfully and smoothly.